What does it cost to hire D M Designs?

Every project is unique; D M Designs employs a flexible fee structure based on the size and scope of each project.  A value based fee may be utilized where a client has well-defined needs; an hourly fee is utilized in instances where it suits the project.  There are so many variables in a project that there isn’t a “one size fits all” method of charging; so, we’ll discuss and agree upon the method at our first meeting.


Do I need to know what I want with regard to style, color, etc. before I hire an Interior Designer?

It is helpful if you have pictures of what you want; styles, colors, fabrics, etc. We’ll discuss what you like and don’t like in the pictures and from our conversation I’ll have a sense of what direction you’d like to take.  I also have a lot of visual tools that will help narrow down our choices.


Will you (D M Designs) do absolutely everything or can I be involved in the process?

D M Designs can handle the entire process, from design through purchasing and installation of the last detail.  However, you can be involved as much, or as little, as you wish.  We’ll discuss your involvement in the project at our first meeting. 


Why do I need an Interior Designer; can’t I do the job myself?

Of course you can do the job yourself.  But, my years of training and experience help you with the many decisions you have to make when remodeling your home, purchasing big ticket items or simply choosing paint colors for your walls.  You can purchase a six foot sofa that will fit in a seven foot space.  But, did you take into account the scale and proportion of the room, the major traffic pattern, and the way the color on the sofa, decorative pillows and walls will work with the other pieces in the room?  As an educated and experienced Interior Designer, I take all of these things (and more) into consideration before making selections for you.


What is D M Designs’ style?

I don’t have a particular design style.  Each and every design project is different; the client brings that to the table.  So, if your style is Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional or any other style you can imagine, good design principles are used and a space designed that suits your needs and wants.  And, remember, “Good Design is Timeless.”  I do subscribe to “less is more.”  I’d rather have one beautifully appointed piece in a room than 10 “less than wonderful” pieces.


What should I expect working with an Interior Designer? 

First, we’ll have a short conversation over the phone about what you’d like to accomplish, budget, time constraints, style, etc.  Then, we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss, in detail, your vision for the space and how we’ll accomplish that.  This will entail a detailed discussion of how you intend to use the space, your needs and wants, style, timetable, budget, etc.   The next step would be determined by your needs (why you need my assistance—do you need a space plan or a new kitchen plan or new furniture, etc.)  


Is there a typical interior design client?

All interior design clients want a good, cohesive design.  Most people say that they can’t afford an Interior Designer, and I tell them they can’t afford NOT to hire an Interior Designer!  I have heard so many horror stories from clients about expensive furniture that doesn’t fit, colors that don’t work, or rooms that don’t function properly because they didn’t take everything into consideration before moving forward.  One particular client that I met for a design consultation had a four inch binder filled with pictures and several questions for every picture!  We went through her binder, page by page, and I answered all of her questions.  She was very happy and said that she would have made a lot of mistakes without my guidance and suggestions.


Do you offer complimentary consultations?

A consultation usually lasts one and a half to two hours and is filled with a lot of relevant information about your space.  The guidance and suggestions that I give you comes from education and years of experience, so I charge for my time.  However, I will meet with you, at no charge, to see if we'd like to work together and to learn a little about you and your project.  Please call my office  to see if this is an option for you.

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